Working on assignments together


I recently had the opportunity to work with two of my co-workers on a PIDP assignment.  I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with them both on something outside of our work environment.  Although we work closely together in the same department, we are often all working in different areas of the business, so we don’t get to collaborate often.  For me, this allowed a level of comfort, working with people I know, and whose backgrounds and experience I’m familiar with.  Having reflected on this, I think it would have been beneficial to work with someone unknown to me.  While the experience was great, one of my personal challenges working in this field is being a bit of an introvert.  I think part of being a great facilitator is having the ability to work with a diversity of individuals, but also working with and instructing people you may have never met, and with whom you have no history with.  Working on an assignment with an unknown participant may have been uncomfortable for me initially, but probably would have been valuable to my personal growth.  Also, with my colleagues being so familiar to me, it was much easier to put off getting together due to the busyness we all experience in our lives.  With someone you don’t know it would be more difficult to postpone meeting.

I did learn a lot from my co-workers while discussing our research together.  They actually interpreted the assignment differently than I did, so there was a lot of conversation around how we should actually be collaborating.   I take a much more simplistic view of things, and therefore I feel that the articles I chose to use in our conversation were very specific in nature, while they articles they chose were longer and covered more information.  Our talk was quite detailed around many things pertaining to our overall topic.  There was a lot of content to digest, yet it was all pretty interesting.   There was some overlap in our research, but interesting to see how our views on things differed or were similar.  I learned that all points of view need to be considered and the importance of each member of a team understanding the desired outcome of a project prior to getting started.


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